MotorHappy reengages first party data and boosts sales by over 12%

by | Jun 22, 2021 | Latest News

Let’s face it: people don’t always answer their phones. But what do you do if a customer has already expressed an interest in your product or service, but then they just can’t be contacted? Leadify solved this problem for MotorHappy, a financial services company in the automotive industry – and has been solving it for more than three years.

Reengaging first party data
“Every month, we do digital marketing and receive a certain number of leads from various sources,” explains Barend Smit, Marketing Director of MotorHappy. “Of those leads, there is always a certain number of people who we simply cannot get hold of. These uncontactable leads build up every month and, instead of just leaving them to go cold, we plug them into a new database and pump them into Leadify for a follow-up SMS campaign.”

12% increase in sales
The result? A 10-12% increase in MotorHappy’s total monthly sales. “From the leads that we generate using Leadify, we close 25-30% of them as sales in our call centre. These are people who we couldn’t get hold of and would have otherwise lost as customers. While the average industry response rate is around 0.8%, we get a yes response rate of around 3.7% when we use Leadify for our database,” Smit says.

Leadify just works
“We use Leadify every month because it’s an innovative, super-sleek platform that makes it so easy to send out and manage campaigns,” he continues. “You don’t have to worry about opt-outs, you don’t have to worry about sending duplicate SMSes, you don’t have to worry about the timing of SMSes or any other part of the lead-management process. The platform does everything for you, removing all complexities and getting the job done.”

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