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SMS marketing

SMS has consistently proven itself to be the most responsive channel. Messages are opened and responded to within hours, rather than days or weeks. Leadify leverages SMS as its primary outbound channel, and has been purpose-built to maximise your mobile marketing impact

Email marketing

Email has become an indispensable marketing channel, thanks to its ease of automation, personalisation and privacy. In 2021 alone, Leadify sent out more than 175 million emails, a sure sign that brands are waking up to the benefits of owning their audience

Landing pages

An SMS may be limited to 160 characters, but you can make them work that much harder by including a link to a customised landing page. Not only will this enhance your customers’ experience, it will also provide them with additional information and motivate them to respond or take action.

>850 million

SMSs sent per year

>175 million

emails sent per year

97% SMS delivery

thanks to continuous data cleansing

2.5 million

leads generated by SMS per year

Unique features

Data cleansing

Non-deliverable numbers are continuously removed from your data lists, saving you money and improving delivery rates.


Smart segmentation

Data lists are easily segmented and targeted, allowing you to match the ideal message with the ideal audience.

A/B testing

Our platform facilitates easy, convenient testing of multiple variables, allowing you to identify the most effective messages.

Batch learning

By sending an initial message to low customer volumes, the system will help you to optimise campaigns before scaling up.

Rigorous, real-time insights

Our intuitive, in-depth reports allow for easy, on-the-go optimisation of every campaign you run – while it’s still running.

Marketing automation

Why waste time and effort setting up and monitoring your campaigns manually, when the Leadify platform can do it for you?

Platform benefits

Ease of use


Time savings

Increased efficiency 

Increased agility


Reduced marketing effort & cost


Better-quality leads

Wider marketing reach


Compliance regulation

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