About Leadify

Leadify was established in 2016, when Olico – one of South Africa’s most established lead-generation companies – identified the need for marketing automation software that could manage outbound performance marketing campaigns at scale. The result? An intelligent, world-leading platform that empowers companies to generate the maximum number of leads at the lowest possible cost.

Today, many of South Africa’s top third-party lead generators, banks, insurers and credit providers rely on Leadify to automate and optimise their top-of-funnel lead-generation campaigns. Backed by years of specialised experience in email and SMS marketing, our pioneering platform enables clients to run complex campaigns concurrently, at scale and on an ongoing basis, while targeting multiple data segments and split-testing multiple messaging templates. 

Every feature of the platform has been purpose-built to squeeze as much efficiency as possible out of the lead-generation process. Our dedicated team provides clients with a personalised, user-friendly experience that is driven by three primary objectives:

Better quality leads

Lower marketing spend

Quality data insights

In short, we are here to help simplify, optimise and automate your direct-marketing process, saving you time, expanding your impact and, ultimately, boosting your bottom line. So, what are you waiting for?

Intelligent lead generation

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