How it Works

With Leadify you are able to turn data into sales and maintain a steady flow of leads from your Email & SMS Marketing efforts. The platform is user-friendly with no contracts required. Various reporting aspects are available such as real-time campaign reporting, cost reporting, revenue reporting and gross margin reporting, you can connect your account to different gateways or make use of Leadify’s gateway and it’s all customisable!

The following video is the first in our tutorial series and explains how to create your Leadify account so you can start running your SMS and Email marketing campaigns.

Upload lists turn data into sales

1. Upload SMS & Email Marketing Lists

Upload your own lists:

  • Excel lists
  • CSV lists
  • Database imports
  • Exclusion lists
  • DMA lists

2. Edit & Build Campaigns

Edit and build Email and SMS campaigns according to your needs. Plug your Email and SMS providers into Leadify (or use ours) and you’re ready to go!

Edit and build campaigns turn data into sales
Send turn data into sales

3. Send & Turn Data Into Sales

Manage delivery across multiple campaigns to ensure no overlap.

Exclude by the following:

  • Campaign – x days
  • Category – x days
  • Competitors – x days

4. Leadify Goal: Increase ROI

Streamline, target, automate and measure your SMS & Email marketing campaigns with Leadify today! No other platform is built to deliver a steady stream of leads and sales into a fulfilment environment. We guarantee* to reduce your costs and improve your lead or sale convertibility. Turn data into sales. Review Leadify Features for more information on the Leadify Email & SMS marketing features that are included or Contact Us for a quote.

Increase ROI turn data into sales

Pricing - Turn data into sales with a pay-as-you-use model.

Firstly, there is a transaction cost per SMS & Email Marketing transaction pushed through the platform. This pricing is based on volume with the transactions totaled and billed monthly, on a post-paid basis. If a customer uses our SMS Gateway, then there is an additional, pre-paid charge per outgoing SMS messages.

Fair treatment of customers is becoming more important, especially for financial institutions. The Leadify team thus suggests that Reverse Billed SMS is used. Reverse Billed SMS is free to end users so they can interact back with you at no cost to them.

This means reply messages are paid for by you, rather than by your customer. The statistics that the Leadify team has seen, shows that using Reverse Billed SMS actually improves conversion rate!