Leadify is an innovative Email & SMS marketing platform, empowering you to generate better quality leads and improve customer insights.

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Streamline, target, automate and measure your Email & SMS marketing efforts.

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Built by experts to deliver a steady stream of Email & SMS marketing leads and sales into a fulfilment environment.

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Built to enhance customer data that typically remains massively underutilised by companies, Leadify automatically targets Email & SMS campaigns to very specific sub-sets of local customers. Leadify also eliminates duplicates, campaign overlaps, remarketing, bounce rates and churn while exponentially increasing hit rates and conversions.

We are a proudly South African, Silicon-Cape grown company with local teams based in Cape Town and Johannesburg.

Our reporting system is designed to allow for a quick understanding of marketing campaign success, based on financial indicators rather than only relating to deliverability. Forward and backward integration allows for speedy coupling to CRM and other systems.

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