SMS Marketing Insights

by | Oct 7, 2021 | Latest News

SMS Marketing Insights: The world’s first SMS was sent in 1992 by British engineer Neil Papworth. It contained just two words: Merry Christmas. Since then, the humble SMS has become a powerful communication – and sales – tool that is capable of saying a whole lot more to potential customers. It’s simple: SMSes may be nearly 40 years old, but they still rule the world of direct marketing. Don’t believe us? Check out these SMS marketing insights that we have crafted into an infographic for you, below. #SMSmarketing #directmarketing #leadgeneration #mobilemarketing

SMS Marketing Insights
Leadify SMS Marketing Insights

<h3>SMS Marketing Insights – by the numbers</h3>

• Nearly 80% of consumers like receiving offers via text.

• 45% of potential clients would choose your product or brand after receiving an SMS.

• 90 seconds
The average time it takes for a person to respond to a text message.

• 90% of SMSes are read within 3 minutes.

• Nearly half of the world’s people are holding a smartphone right now.

• 5-6 hrs/day
The amount of time Millennials and Baby Boomers spend on their phones.

• Adults spend about 23 hours a week texting. (That’s almost three full workdays.)

• 32% of American consumers spend more time on their phones than with their spouses.

Using the Leadify platform allows our existing clients to…

• Increase sales by 45% in less than a week

• Send 2 million SMSes per hour

• Test multiple variables and improve response rates by at least 30%

• Achieve a 4x higher response rate than the industry average

• Increase successful delivery by >20% through intelligent list cleaning

• Set up all your continuous campaigns in less than 30 minutes!

• Convert 25-30% more sales through re-engagement

We trust that these SMS marketing insights have been helpful in showing the power of SMS as a direct marketing channel. Get in touch if you have any questions or want to demo the platform.

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