SMS Marketing Platform

Engineered through a decade’s experience in building and executing SMS marketing campaigns, the Leadify SMS marketing platform is intuitive and easy to use; simply upload your contacts, create an SMS marketing campaign and start sending!

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Long-Run Campaigns

Control exactly how you want your SMS marketing campaign to run.

  • Send straight away or schedule for later that day
  • Send between start time and end time daily until an end date is reached
  • Send between start time and end time indefinitely

SMS Link Tracking

With SMS link tracking, Leadify masks a long URL with a smartly generated short URL, while ensuring the character limit isn’t exceeded. Additional variables and parameters can also be included into a link that only consumes 15 of the available 160 characters, still leaving plenty of space for the message itself. The link is then tracked within the Leadify platform but can also be tracked in Google Analytics.

Transactional SMS Marketing

Trigger your SMS marketing campaign via a simple restful API.
Leadify is a proudly Silicon Cape product, with the development team located in Cape Town, South Africa. Thus, development upgrades and API development requests are readily available.

transactional sms marketing campaign

Failed Delivery Management

Leadify intelligently optimises your SMS marketing lists by:

  1. Tracking SMS delivery and failure
  2. Excluding contacts that have failed delivery previously, based on rules you set
  3. Allowing targeting of verified contacts in your SMS marketing campaign
real time margin campaign reporting

Real-Time SMS Marketing Campaign Margin Reporting

In addition, Leadify tracks and reports on your campaigns’ performance in real-time, all the time. Easily access everything from costs, revenue and margins to response rates, replies, opens, clicks and more. Most noteworthy demographic information includes; geographic location, marital status, race, age, gender, salary and credit status. All these providing you with detailed insights for improved targeting and lead generation optimisation.

A/B Split Testing Your Marketing Campaigns 

Optimising your lead generation efforts through A/B testing is critical to running effective marketing campaigns. Leadify thus broadly arranges A/B testing for marketing campaigns, campaign templates/creative, SMS & Email providers and segments/demographics.

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