SMS Delivery Data Match

Leadify is the only SMS marketing platform that monitors SMS delivery and enables you to hyper target contacts that have had an SMS delivered.

In addition, Leadify now offers the ability to query its vast SMS delivery database and match the delivery status of your contacts. Drastically improve contactability while materially reducing your marketing spend. Leadify will report how many consecutive failures a contact number has, the date of the last SMS delivery, the date of the last SMS failure. You can then decide which contacts to add to your list based on your requirements.

Leadify clients are seeing delivery success rates improve from 67% to an excess of 98%, in some cases. This equates to a R50,000 cost reduction per 1 million SMS messages sent!

The Leadify SMS marketing platform is intuitive and easy to use; simply upload your contacts, create an SMS marketing campaign and start sending!

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Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person.