SMS Delivery Data Match

by | Aug 26, 2019 | Latest News

Leadify introduces SMS Delivery Data Match

SMS Marketing is one of the most effective conversion channels for direct marketing lead generation, particularly with respect to Financial Services. A data analysis of over 5,000 SMS campaigns, running in the Leadify system, shows that SMS marketing campaigns with conversions above 0.15% are generally profitable. This means that sending 1 million SMS should yield a minimum of 1,500 hot leads that convert.

Mechanisms for growing ROI

Optimising this conversion yield is critical in boosting return on investment and Leadify has various mechanisms in place to help with this marketing optimisation.These mechanisms include; long-running sms marketing campaign setup, frequency capping through exclusions setup as well as consecutive failed delivery exclusions. These mechanisms are all automated within Leadify’s SMS marketing campaign segmentation process, which also means less manual labour, fewer mistakes and more time to spend analysing campaign insights. More Leadify mechanisms and features here!

Now, in addition to these mechanisms, Leadify has introduced its SMS Delivery Data Match service. So, before a client even sends an SMS message, they can upload a list of SMS contacts and match the delivery information against Leadify’s vast database of more than three billion data points.

Improving Contactability

The “Sms Delivery Data Match” returns the contact list including whether a contact has successfully received a message, when the last failed SMS occurred and how many consecutive failures there have been. Furthermore, the SMS Delivery Data Match service will also indicate which contacts are listed on the Do Not Contact list.

Targeting this optimised list in future SMS campaigns ensures a vastly improved contactability rate and therefore an improved conversion rate. Leadify has seen contactability improvements of up to 30%, which means a marketing cost reduction of R50,000 on every 1 million SMS contacts. In addition, the list hygiene will remain high because the Do Not Contact list is considered.

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