Leadify Leads Mobile Marketing in 2020 – Year In Review

by | Mar 3, 2021 | Latest News

Leadify leading mobile marketing sms marketing email marketing 20202020 Mobile Marketing Review

2020 was no ordinary year. It was a year that left us all reeling and, like so many individuals and organisations, here at Leadify, we’re only now sitting back – two months into the new year – and taking stock of it all. With the global turmoil caused by Covid-19, businesses came under immense pressure in 2020. Many didn’t make it through and others had to make the difficult decision to let go of staff or cut budgets, often in the marketing department. The scene was not set for a great year in mobile marketing.

And yet, Leadify was able to achieve remarkable success despite these difficult circumstances, thanks to the trust of our amazing clients. By helping our clients bring their products directly into the hands of their customers, we helped them generate millions of sales through highly successful SMS and email marketing campaigns.


Worldwide Expansion & Mobile Marketing Campaign Growth

In 2020, the number of countries using Leadify doubled, with campaigns in six countries, from Singapore and South Africa to Indonesia and Australia. In 2019, our clients ran “only” 500 campaigns, and this grew to over 3,350 campaigns across SMS and email channels last year. A remarkable achievement particularly under the circumstances.

Best of all, we really saw results. In 2019, we generated 1.6 million sales from our campaigns, and in 2020, our sales across SMS and email grew to around 2 million.


Mobile Marketing Growth Sectors

When it came to specific industries, certain sectors showed significant growth last year. The funeral, life insurance and car & home sectors came out tops in terms of mobile marketing campaigns carried out. More than half of all marketing messages sent were in these three categories alone. Not surprisingly, funeral cover and debt consolidation stood out – in the funeral industry, we saw a response rate only fractionally lower than that of 2019, when around half the number of marketing messages were sent in this sector. This means that even when there was double the amount of mobile marketing carried out, the response rate barely dropped at all.

We also saw a nice increase in investment categories such as retirement annuities, with notable growth in terms of lead responses in those categories – suggesting that people are looking for these products at this time.

We are so grateful for the support of all our partners and clients in 2020. We’re excited about the possibilities that 2021 holds and the new ways we can help our clients reach their customers.