How integrated landing pages enhance and optimise SMS marketing campaigns

by | Apr 21, 2021 | Latest News

Introducing Leadify’s integrated landing pages for SMS marketing campaigns:

With an open rate of 90%, the humble text SMS is still the highest-converting channel at scale – particularly if you’re selling something on a subscription basis, such as insurance, and targeting a broad customer base.

While they may have been around for decades, SMSes still have a lot to offer when it comes to broadcasting a brand message. But they do also come with limitations. Specifically, you have just 160 characters in which to get across your marketing message. This restriction limits not only how much you can say, but also how well you can say it and – as a result – how well your customers will respond.

No wonder the world’s top marketing experts have spent years trying to find a way to supplement the information that can be delivered by an SMS… and it looks like we’ve finally found the answer.

In three words: integrated landing pages.

The process of adding landing pages is fairly straightforward: every SMS that is sent out contains a trackable shortlink that points to a dedicated landing page, where customers can get more information, fill in their personal details and request a follow-up call.

While this doesn’t sound revolutionary – after all, there’s nothing ground-breaking about linking to a brand’s website – it becomes a whole lot more exciting when that landing page is created and integrated within the lead-generation platform itself. Why? Because this allows you to access and link the customer’s existing personal details from the database, creating hyper-personalised landing pages which, for example, greets the customer by name and comes with pre-populated input fields.

The creative content of these landing page can also be customised to suit the user’s specific demographics, such as income or age, allowing the content to become even more relevant – and increasing your chances of converting SMSes into high-quality leads.

Leadify’s approach

From an SMS marketing and conversion perspective, personalisation just works better. It’s a growing trend in an era where attention and relevance are key.

With this in mind, it’s not surprising that we launched Pages – our dedicated landing page builder – in January 2021. Featuring predesigned templates and drag-and-drop functionality, Pages makes it really easy to develop a landing page within the Leadify system, where it can be customised, tracked and personalised.

Pages doesn’t just facilitate form-building. Because our forms are linked to the Leadify database, the system allows for both customer personalisation and conditional personalisation (i.e. customisation based on the specific segment that’s being targeted).

It’s not about replacing the traditional “Respond ‘Yes’” approach; it’s about supplementing the offering and giving customers a richer and more engaging experience. The quality of the lead may also be improved because the customer is better informed in terms of what is being sold or offered.

In lead-generation, it’s all about maximising your margin, optimising performance and making your campaigns as effective as possible. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch now!