The Bulk SMS Platform

The Leadify SMS marketing platform makes sending enterprise-level bulk SMS simple while maintaining a powerful feature set for enhanced lead generation campaigns too. Leadify is intuitive and easy to use; simply add contacts to your SMS marketing lists, target these contacts in an SMS campaign and get sending bulk SMS to these contacts.

beautiful dashboards for your bulk sms marketing campaign

SMS Marketing Send Dashboards

See exactly how the SMS campaign performed.

  • Detailed stats updated in real time
  • Various scheduling options
  • Optimise your send time and date

SMS Link Shortening

With the SMS link shortening, Leadify generates a unique shortened URL ensuring that your SMS length is not longer than the advised 160 characters. This shortened link is also trackable so you can monitor exactly who has engaged or clicked on the SMS.


Leadify includes a transactional API which you can use to send SMS from your CRM, Website or any other system. It is a simple to use Restful API that allows you to send single or bulk SMS messages. Leadify can also help you develop an API that you can integrate into your system.

bulk sms marketing campaign api

SMS Bounce Reporting

Leadify manages your SMS delivery and failure by tracking each category and allowing you to exclude contacts that have had failed SMS delivery over a period of time. This enhances your SMS delivery and optimises your marketing costs over time. Contacts are never removed, they are simply ignored as they are most likely disconnected numbers. You have full control in getting older contacts back into the contact pool, however.

real time margin campaign reporting

SMS Marketing Reporting

Your SMS campaign sends are tracked in real time, ensuring you are able to see the status of the campaign whenever you want to. In addition, clicks on your web links are tracked and there is detailed reporting in the campaign status page.