How Leadify Works

by | Mar 8, 2019 | Latest News

How Leadify works: Leadify empowers marketing that moves away from the typical spray-and-pray model, that is prevalent in Direct Marketing currently.

Say good bye to traditional ‘burst’ or outdated ‘drip’ campaigns. Leadify’s next generation ‘Long Running’ campaigns are simply the only way for a high volume sender to ensure a steady and sustainable flow of leads or sales into a sales environment. Long Running campaigns never existed before and so we invented them.

Innovative targeting and exclusion management, coupled with Machine Learning, assists in curating the best possible audience for these long running campaigns, with the capability of pinpointing when a message should be sent.

Businesses can also easily integrate their customer relationship management system with Leadify via various forward and backward integration points, enabling them to drive campaigns while receiving feedback constantly.

Additionally, Leadify’s beautiful dashboards are simple. And our intelligent range of reporting tools give you key insights and analytic which improve your lead generation efforts.

Get setup in 4 simple steps.

One. Upload lists

Upload SMS and Email Marketing lists, including exclusion lists, that have been easily integrated with popular file formats.

Two. Build Email and SMS marketing campaigns

Edit and build Email and SMS marketing campaigns according to your needs by selecting your targeting segments and setting contact resting requirements. You can also manage your delivery across multiple campaigns so there’s no overlap.

Three. Choose a campaign schedule

Schedule your campaigns by choosing a start and end date as well as a start and end time. Use our Email and SMS providers for best results, or simply plug yours into Leadify. Our campaign builder does the rest.

And lastly, step four. Increase ROI

Watch the leads stream in and increase your ROI. Easily streamline… target… automate… and measure your Email & SMS marketing campaigns with Leadify.

So, the Leadify Email and SMS marketing platform empowers you to turn your data into sales and maintain a steady flow of leads.

Leadify… Be empowered.

We are a small highly skilled team and are open to doing custom pieces of development specially for your needs. We also have other unique features like a way to manage the DMASA dedupe* process, or to upload an agency developed email creative to turn this headache into a piece of cake.