Leadify was built by professionals, for professionals. Over a decade of lead generation experience, coupled with the latest industry innovations, empower you to increase qualified leads and decrease costs. Here are some of our favourite features:

Beautiful Real-Time Dashboards

Leadify’s beautiful, user-friendly dashboards give you quick insight on your SMS and Email marketing campaigns’ performance.

Click-2-Call / Read-2-Lead (Patent Pending)

How many prospects drop off after clicking a link? And why make a customer fill out a form when you already have their details?

Use Leadify to detect a link click and immediately take action. Empowered with information, you can alert a call-centre agent to contact a prospect the moment they show interest. Or, use our Read-2- Lead functionality to let your customer know to expect a call once they have clicked to a product listing or blog post.

Transactional SMS and Email

Don’t want to batch your campaigns? Or want to trigger SMS and Email marketing messages from your own CRM or CMS? You can with Leadify. Just set up SMS and Email campaigns like you would normally do, but trigger these campaigns via an API to send whenever you want to.

Webhook Functionality

Leadify has built-in forward integration, called Webhooks, which can be used to route marketing campaign data through to your CRM system, or any other system. Webhooks thus offers access to delivery, campaign and lead generation information in real time. All integration is secured behind api-keys and password protection.

Enhance the quality of your SMS marketing and lead generation efforts by including a URL link, which Leadify shortens for you. Leadify keeps track of all clicks to these links and reports on both leads and clicks.

Real-Time Margin Reporting

Leadify tracks and reports on your campaigns’ performance in real-time, all the time. Easily access everything from costs, revenue and margins to response rates, replies, opens, clicks and more. In-depth demographic information including geographic location, marital status, race, age, gender, salary and credit status are also visible providing you with detailed insights for improved targeting and lead generation optimisation.

Bounce Management

Leadify intelligently optimises your marketing lists by 1) tracking SMS delivery that excludes previously failed contacts 2) removing email hard & soft bounces, based on industry standards.

Artificial Intelligence Admin

Excluding contacts from a lead generation campaign is a fine art. Optimising exclusion criteria is critical as this helps to ensure contacts are properly rested and avoids lead duplication. Effective exclusion management also guarantees lower opt-out rates while reducing complaints related to over marketing.

A/B Split Testing 

Optimising your lead generation efforts through A/B testing is critical to running effective marketing campaigns. Leadify broadly arranges A/B testing for campaigns, campaign templates/creative, SMS gateways (Reverse Billed VS Standard Rate/Bulk SMS), Email providers and segments/demographics..

Agnostic SMS SMPP/ Email SMTP

While Leadify is Email provider and SMS gateway agnostic, due to the high volume of tracking done on email, we recommend that you use our email providers or engage us to configure them for you. Our SMS gateway rates are also very competitive due to Leadify’s daily volumes.