Gone are the days of manually loading campaigns daily. Because Leadify was built by experts for experts we understand your needs. We also have our very own email and sms gateway that is certain to save you more. View our features for more information on how you can start generating leads today!

Beautiful Real-Time Dashboards

Leadify has beautiful, user-friendly dashboards, allowing you to easily run your SMS and email campaigns, as well as create a steady stream of leads and sales over the course of the day.

Click-2-Call / Read-2-Lead

With Leadify’s automated marketing platform it is as easy as a Click 2 Call or a Read 2 Lead to start your email marketing process. Segment your list, send email, redirect to Thank you page and you are done! No need to complete forms.

Real-Time Margin Reporting

Leadify tracks and reports on the performance of your campaigns in real-time, all the time. With the click of a button you can access everything from costs, revenue and margins to response rates, opens and more. Further, in-depth demographic information such as; geographic location, marital status, race, age, gender, salary and credit status are visible to you providing quick insights for improved targeting.

Steady Lead Flow

With the ability to schedule your lead delivery over any period of time between 08:00 and 20:00, Monday to Friday, you are able to create a steady stream of leads / sales over the course of the day, down to the hour.

A/B Split Testing 

Setup and test multiple creatives against each other. Give it a few days and then choose the winner for rollout. You can also test multiple email or sms gateways against each other.

Enhance the quality of your SMS Marketing by adding the ability to link through to a URL which Leadify will automatically shorten for you. Leadify will also keep track of all clicks to these links and report on both leads and clicks.

Agnostic SMS SMPP/ Email SMTP

Plug your preferred email* /SMS** supplier directly into our system and you are ready to send. There is no limit to the number of email or SMS gateways that you can use, or you can make use of Leadify’s gateway.

*We can use any standard SMTP provider. Further, we have custom integrations into Sendgrid, SMTP.com, and Everlytic. Or we can set up your very own SMTP server/s.

**We use standard SMPP connections. Speak to our sales team about your preferred gateway rates.

Bounce Management

Built into Leadify is a bounce management functionality. By automatically removing bounces (on both SMS and email) your costs are decreased, and your deliverability, as well as profit margins, are increased. This feature alone will likely save you 20% or more on marketing costs.

Artificial Intelligence Admin

Make better use of your data by using Leadify’s targeting tools to provide your clients with higher quality leads, while reducing your marketing costs. We can target based on demographics, previous behaviour and list source. Using our exclusion categories, you are able to prevent churning of data, as well as sending duplicate leads or the same lead to competing campaigns. Everything is managed on the backend for you.