Bounce Management

Built into Leadify is a bounce management functionality. By automatically removing bounces (on both sms and email) your costs are decreased, and your deliverability as well as profit margins are increased.

This feature alone will likely save you 20% or more on marketing costs.

steady lead / sales flow

With the ability to schedule your lead delivery over any period of time between 08:00 and 17:00, Monday to Friday, you are able to create a steady stream of leads/sales over the course of the day, down to the hour.

complex targeting capability

Make better use of your data, by using Leadify’s targeting tools to provide your clients with higher quality leads, whilst reducing your marketing costs.  We can target based on demographics, previous behaviour and list source.

schedule daily batches

Gone are the days of manually loading campaigns daily!

Schedule your campaigns to deliver a certain volume each day. Our built in CRM will ensure that new data batches are loaded each morning to prevent churn or remarketing.

built in CRM to manage exclusions

Using our exclusion category’s, you are able to prevent churning of data, as well as sending duplicate leads or the same lead to competing campaigns. Everything is managed in the back end for you.

A/B split testing

Set up and test multiple creatives against each other.  Give it a few days and then choose the winner for rollout.

You can also test multiple email or sms gateways against each other.  You can also test different lists against each other.

demographic reporting

Geographic location, marital status, race, gender, salary & credit status.  Gives quick insight to improve targeting.

real time tracking & reporting

Leadify tracks and reports on the performance of your campaigns in real time, all the time.

With the click of a button, costs, revenue, margins, response rates, opens etc. are all visible.

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