Black Friday: Leadify’s 5 best tips for better impact

by | Nov 5, 2018 | Latest News

Black Friday is less than three weeks away! Have you optimised your Email and SMS marketing campaign send strategy to maximise conversions?

The five best ways to help your Black Friday marketing have more impact:

  1. Subject line with “Black Friday”
  2. It seems obvious, but many marketers miss this golden opportunity. Emails with the subject line containing the words “Black Friday” can achieve open rates of up to 30%! Targeted subject lines with “Black Friday” have received up to 50% open rates!

    Make sure your subject line is short and punchy. Rhetorical questions often work best. Support the subject line with the preview text and make sure you include a call-to-action.

  3. Focus on your most engaged audience
  4. Make sure you are sending teaser emails out to your base and classifying their engagement so that you can target this engagement when the big day comes. Getting your product in front of your audience before a competitor will be critical. Focus on your most relevant audience first, then market to the rest of the base.

  5. Spread your marketing out
  6. Don’t send every single contact an email and/or SMS in one go. You could potentially flood a call center, or eCommerce site causing slow user experience or even downtime. Spread your marketing over a known time frame, suitable for the sales environment you are marketing into.

    Spreading your marketing over a period of time also allows you to gauge and adjust, based on real time feedback. You can pause your campaign to lessen the load, or add more contacts to drive more traffic.

    A good heuristic is to utilise a maximum of 80% of your available sales environment capacity.

  7. Re-market to your engaged audience
  8. Take the opportunity to resend your marketing to those that haven’t opened your previous attempt.

  9. Review insights in real time
  10. Delivery information is important to understand, but demographic insights can really offer deep understanding of your campaign efficacy. Observing the Age, Gender, Marital Status and Location of your engaged base offers practical insight into where you can adjust your campaigns and apply better personalisation.

    Don’t forget that Black Friday is actually the whole weekend, including Cyber Monday. Make sure you take advantage of the entire marketing window!