Anatomy of a great SMS

by | May 12, 2021 | Latest News

We have reviewed thousands of SMS campaigns and come up with what we think is a benchmark for the anatomy of a great SMS.


    Personalisation has been shown to increase the amount and quality of the leads our clients generate.

    Highlight the unique value of your offering, whether that’s a really great deal or fast delivery. Why should the recipient choose you?

    The tone of voice should suit your brand – and your audience! As a rule, keep it simple and avoid long words.

    The word ‘FREE’ attracts readers’ attention, while reverse billing (where the sender pays for the reply) improves responses.

    Naming your brand/product typically increases the chances of it being opened and eliciting a positive response.

    Use direct language and clear calls-to-action for a high-performing, hard-sell SMS.


    Personalisation is extremely important in getting attention. Be sure to play around with how you personalise the message as well as where in the message you place personalisation.

    Use a shortlink that is generated by your automated messaging platform for easy, seamless tracking. Additionally, this also helps keep the SMS character count under the important 160 character limit.

    Use a less hard-sell, more informative tone of voice – you’re encouraging the user to find out more, learn and enhance their experience.


    A clear call to action always adds impact (but consider converting to a REPLY YES or embedded form SMS for better results).

    Bulk SMS blasts have a more product-centric tone of voice.

    Creating a sense of urgency encourages the recipient to act.

NB! Every SMS campaign and every brand is different, so be sure to split-test all of these elements to find the right message for you.

We hope you found the anatomy of a great SMS insightful. For more tips, visit 12 tips for creating the perfect SMS campaign