7 ways to increase your SMS campaign conversions

by | Aug 9, 2023 | Latest News

SMS marketing boasts a staggering 98% open rate, far surpassing other channels like email marketing, which barely reaches 20%. But having your SMS opened is just the beginning. The real challenge? Ensuring that once opened, it drives action. As Grant Fleming, CEO at Leadify, highlights, “While the SMS landscape is promising, conversion rates can swing between 5% to 30%.”

So, how can you tweak your strategy to consistently increase SMS campaign conversions? Here are seven tactics to consider.

1. Words Matter: Choose Wisely With the constraint of about 25 words (160 characters), every word in your SMS campaign should pack a punch. If you’re breaching this limit, your message might be muddled. Instead of resorting to shortcuts, focus on refining your message. Conversion-boosting words to consider include: “You,” “Free,” “Sale,” “Deal,” “Exclusive,” “Now,” and “Today.”

2. First Impressions Count: Nail the Initial 10 Words Most devices provide a sneak peek of the SMS’s beginning. This glimpse can make or break a user’s interest. To increase SMS campaign conversions, make sure your initial 10 words are captivating.

3. Personalization: A Game Changer A simple touch like addressing the recipient by name can drastically increase SMS campaign conversions. It enhances engagement and fosters trust. Tailor the formality based on your brand’s voice and the audience you’re addressing.

4. The Power of a Clear Call to Action A concise and compelling CTA can greatly increase SMS campaign conversions. Aim for a sense of urgency and exclusivity, enabling recipients to act swiftly.

5. Establish Your Identity Clearly Amidst the clutter of promotional messages, ensure recipients recognize your brand. Clearly mentioning your company’s name in the SMS can boost trust and response rates.

6. Target with Precision To effectively increase SMS campaign conversions, focus on reaching the right audience. Use data analytics to pinpoint your ideal demographic, thereby optimizing marketing costs. Although SMS campaigns predominantly cater to a wider audience, curated offers can appeal to niche segments too.

7. Compliance with POPI & Smooth Opt-out Process With the upcoming full enforcement of the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPI), it’s crucial to send messages only to opted-in users. Beyond compliance, make opting out hassle-free. Remember, this isn’t just about respecting user preferences—it’s a legal mandate.

Conclusion Boosting your SMS campaign’s conversion rate isn’t rocket science. With the right strategies in place, tailored to increase SMS campaign conversions, you can reap the benefits of this powerful marketing channel.