5 key questions to optimise your SMS marketing campaigns

by | Apr 15, 2021 | Latest News

Not all sms campaigns are created equal – and getting it right comes down to asking the right questions. Our SMS marketing team has identified 5 key questions that you should ask, in order to optimise SMS marketing campaigns. Make them count! #SMSmarketing #directmarketing #leadgeneration #mobilemarketing

  1. Are you getting the right delivery rate?
    While it’s normal for your first campaign to have a delivery rate of around 70%, this should climb to 95% or more as you clean up your lists and eliminate delivery failures. Improving your SMS delivery rate drastically improves your campaign performance and can be the difference between a campaign being pulled or being successful.
  2. How are you segmenting your audience?
    Smart list segmentation allows you to identify and understand which lists and channels are performing optimally, generating real data insights. Segmenting your lists and then targeting these lists in one campaign allows you to compare list performance through split testing. The reporting should show which lists are performing best, and you can go fetch more data based on that list’s segment.
  3. How are you talking to your customers?
    It’s important to test a wide range of SMS variations. Everything – from customer and brand personalisation to your tone of voice and the use of specific calls to action – can make a difference. Ensure that you use split testing using a wide array of SMS text alternatives, to quickly get an idea of variations that work.
  4. How good are your leads?
    When setting up your campaign, consider whether the process will attract the right kind of customers, generating high-quality leads that convert to sales.
  5. How are you responding to your leads?
    Remember, the golden window of call centre sales is 15 minutes. If you’re taking longer than that to call a customer back, you are likely to lose them. Make sure that you integrate a lead warming process, automatically added any cold leads back into the SMS marketing process so they can be re-warmed and pushed back into the sales fulfilment process.
  6. We hope that these key considerations help you optimise SMS marketing campaigns.