Case Study: Mondo reduced their cost per lead by 48%

by | May 4, 2022 | Latest News

They say that change can be as good as a holiday – but it can also be a great business decision when the change halves your cost per lead. Just ask Mondo, a digital lead-generation business that started using Leadify in September 2021.


“Before this, we were sending ‘yes to opt in’ SMS campaigns via a different platform,” says Performance Marketing Manager of Mondo, Aimee Bestel. “Leadify reached out to us and suggested that we try a click-through campaign, so we decided to test it out on a small scale.”


It all began with a click-through to a specific deal, which drove customers to Mondo’s website, where they could fill out a lead form and get additional information. The initial trial performed so well that the company decided to dedicate its entire test budget to further click-through campaigns.


“I must be honest; we didn’t actually think this would perform as well as it has,” says Aimee. “It is definitely one of our lowest cost per lead channels, and the response has been really good.”


How good? Over the past six months, Mondo’s SMS cost per lead has decreased by 48%, while its SMS conversion rate has improved by 0.4%. What’s more, campaign feedback has shown that the customers who click through to the link are visiting approximately nine pages – a clear sign that the campaign is capturing – and retaining – their attention.


“The whole process of setting up an SMS campaign on Leadify is seamless,” says Aimee. “The lists are checked for duplicates, so I know I’m not messaging the same person all the time – or wasting marketing budget on the send. The guys are also always on hand to give us help when we need it, and we are currently in talks with them regarding another programme. The relationship is growing – and that’s a testament to the service we’ve received and the great results we’ve seen.”


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