Marketing in the time of POPIA: 5 ways the Leadify platform can help

by | May 4, 2021 | Latest News

With the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA) deadline set for 1 July, the pressure is on to ensure that you are fully compliant with the laws of the Act – and that your customers’ personal information is fully protected and ethically managed.

While Leadify isn’t a POPIA compliance tool – but rather a conduit for marketing communication – our platform has several specific features that can help to make your POPIA journey smoother. Let’s look at how each feature works…

  1. We keep compliance top-of-mind

    In the data-import process, the Leadify platform keeps you mindful of your POPIA compliance by including a checkbox that you must tick to confirm that the contacts you’re uploading are opted-in clients. When uploading data and building campaigns, the platform will take you through all of the necessary processes you will need to complete in order to comply not just with POPIA, but also with the regulations set out by the Direct Marketing Association and the Wireless Application Service Provider Association (WASPA).

  2. We store clear, detailed records

    Leadify’s Pages product includes content checkboxes that can be managed and linked back to the contact in the relevant lists or campaigns. These checkboxes and consent confirmations are stored within Leadify and can easily be referenced for any complaints or queries. In other words, when a customer completes an online form, the platform records every detail of their session – from the time of day to the browser being used – allowing you to prove that this was indeed a valid session and that the customer willingly gave their consent. Just as someone who has opted out should never receive another message (but more on that in the next point), this function ensures that anyone who has opted in can be provided with an easily accessed record of that session.

  3. We ensure that opt-outs stay out

    A part of the DNA of POPIA is that you must properly honour opt-outs – so if someone unsubscribes, you need to make sure that they don’t receive a message ever again. Leadify controls opt-outs for clients automatically and programmatically, ensuring that, if someone has opted out, they are never contacted at any point or in any campaign going forward.

  4. We prioritise privacy

    A very large – and very important – part of POPIA is around data protection from a theft perspective. A customer’s personal data should be treated with respect, but too many data handovers still happen over insecure API calls – leaving personal information in the open. Leadify has strict POPIA-compliant security processes that ensure end-to-end system compliance and data privacy – and as of June 2021, these processes will get even stricter, enforcing communication only via HTTPS. We are doing this for two reasons: one, to make sure that our customers don’t do anything detrimental to their business, and two, to protect the consumers themselves. As an ethical marketing automation company, we not only protect our customers but also our customers’ customers. After all, the consumer is our ultimate end-customer, and we are committed to making sure that their personal data stays private.

  5. We know what you need

    We have strong relationships with the country’s leading POPIA advisory services, making us fully equipped to walk the POPIA journey alongside our clients – every step of the way. Meanwhile, here’s a great article to get you started.