How timing affects the success of an SMS campaign

by | Jun 22, 2021 | Latest News

From the speed of delivery to the best time of day, the timing of a campaign can have a significant impact on its success. Every brand and campaign is different, and therefore every element should be tested – but here are a few general rules to bear in mind for your next campaign…
How timing affects the success of an SMS campaign
The least popular weekday to send out an SMS, typically with the lowest response rates.

Wed & Thurs
The hottest days for sending out an SMS in 2021 – sometimes outperforming other days by 5-10%!

450-500 SMSes/second
Leadify’s send-out rate – that’s 100x faster than Bitcoin, making your SMS more likely to reach customers first.

Morning send-outs are ideal, as customers are typically fresher and more willing to engage.

15 min
The “golden window”, or maximum time that should pass between a customer’s response and a call-back.

Rush hour
Take into account your customers’ commuting patterns, as they will be either more or less likely to check their phones en route.

Marketing messages can only be sent between these times in South Africa on weekdays, and between 9am-1pm on Saturdays. Sundays and public holidays are message-free.

Note: While these are general rules, we recommend that you test every element of your specific campaign – make sure you understand the various SMS campaign options you can test -> Anatomy of a great SMS!

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