How SMS Landing Pages generated 26% more leads for Moneyshop

by | Mar 25, 2022 | Latest News

An SMS may be limited to just 160 characters – but embedding SMS landing pages within that message can transform it from a simple SMS into a rich and engaging customer journey.


But here’s the thing: not all SMS landing pages are created equal. That’s what MoneyShop – SA’s largest loan and insurance finding service – discovered when they switched from using FormStack landing pages to Leadify SMS landing pages.


“We started using Leadify Landing Pages for our Loans SMS marketing in September 2021,” explains Darren Pilz, MoneyShop’s Head of Performance Marketing. “Not only was it much easier to set up than FormStack, but it’s also a much slicker, neater and nicer-looking product. I love the fact that it’s all in one platform – so you don’t have to visit an external programme to bring all the URLs into Leadify.”


Darren’s quick to point out that the platform does more than just create a pretty landing page. “The Leadify landing pages have already generated 26% more loan applications than the FormStack forms did,” he says. “They also outplayed the FormStack landing pages by 69% when it came to cross-selling an additional life insurance product within the same campaign. We think this comes down to the slicker, less confusing format Leadify offers.”


As for conversion rates, Darren can’t yet quantify the increase in sales – but he knows that there has been an increase. “On the cross-selling product alone, I would say that the conversion rate is 2% higher,” he says. “It’s basically a win-win-win: 26% more loan applications can only result in a higher number of sales – and increased sales will ultimately result in increased revenue.”


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“The Intelligence behind this platform has not only helped our marketing team to make faster decisions, but it has also saved us thousands on marketing costs.” Darren Pilz