How Olico saved R1.6 Million in 3 years using Leadify

by | May 18, 2021 | Latest News

Direct Marketing Case Study

When it comes to direct marketing, even the smallest detail matters. Don’t believe us? Ask Olico, the lead-generation company that services most of South Africa’s financial services industry, including almost every local bank and insurance company. As one of Leadify’s largest clients, Olico sends out over 1 million SMSes every day and generates over 100,000 applications for financial services products each month.

“Leadify is the most comprehensive, user-friendly bulk SMS and email marketing platform in South Africa,” says Head of Delivery at Olico, Jason Barrett. “There are so many different ways in which their platform has saved and made us money. Consecutive Bounce Management, for example (the automatic elimination of inactive numbers from a data list), has increased our main list’s delivery rate by about 5% over the past three years. On our current SMS rates, that equals to around R1.6 million in cost savings in three years.”

More than just being easy to use, the Leadify platform is almost completely autonomous, allowing clients to set up campaigns within minutes and then leave them to run themselves, says Barrett: “I don’t have to do anything; the leads just come in by themselves and then I get detailed daily reports on every campaign’s real-time performance.”

“These reports are generated so quickly that I can basically spend an hour each day optimising all of my campaigns, and then they’re live for the next morning,” Barrett adds. “So, if I’m able to optimise a campaign today, I am already saving money tomorrow.”

Leadify assists with all the technical API integrations that Olico requires, as part of the customer service process. This reduces the time it takes to get new campaigns running, and ensures that the Olico delivery team can focus on important things like data-driven insights.

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