Supercharge your performance marketing

Leadify is a world-leading performance marketing and lead-generation platform that intelligently automates and optimises email and SMS campaigns. Our platform is specifically designed to lower costs, cleanse your data, target the top of the sales funnel and increase the effectiveness of every campaign. Starting today.

Intelligent lead generation

Continuous data cleansing

Non-deliverable numbers are removed from the database before the recipient is contacted. This increases delivery rates on SMS from around 70% – when customers first start using Leadify – to 95%, once the system has “learnt” more about a brand’s customer data and cleansed the data lists. 

Cost savings

Continuous data cleansing alone has been shown to save clients 20-30% of their SMS budget. Our platform also automates and simplifies the entire lead-generation process, saving time and increasing productivity. It’s simple: more leads at lower cost equals more revenue and profit.

Multivariate testing

Campaigns are designed to start with a small number of multivariate messages, using the power of A/B/C testing to identify the pockets of value before volumes are scaled. This allows companies to optimise every campaign – while it is still running – tailoring each message to suit its target audience.

Powerful analytics

Leadify is the only platform that reports insights in financial terms, highlighting profitable and loss-making campaigns in real time. This empowers clients to make data-driven decisions that prioritise and optimise the campaigns that are working, increasing revenue and reducing wasted expenditure.

“Leadify really works for us, converting a potentially lost opportunity into a powerful – and consistent – opportunity for growth.”

–  Barend Smit,

Marketing Director of MotorHappy

“Leadify has already allowed us to scale up our business dramatically, and has given us great hope for the future.”

  Sarah Nicholson,

Operations & Sales Manager, JustMoney

“Our campaigns basically run themselves, which has freed up time for us to focus on other sales activities.”

– Matt Koury,
co-founder, KOURO Property Group

>850 million

SMSs sent per year

>175 million

emails sent per year

97% SMS delivery

thanks to continuous data cleansing

2.5 million

leads generated by SMS per year

How it works

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