Enhance Your SMS and Performance Marketing with Leadify’s Latest Features

by | Apr 24, 2024 | Latest News

2023 Leadify SMS Marketing Features:

SMS Campaigns
– Integrated ChatGPT into Message Templates, generating fantastic SMS copy.
– Enhanced and optimised SMS Click Tracking and related reports. Lots of Googlebot & googlecache activity removed.

SMS Inbox
– Added SMS Providers to the SMS replies download report.

– Lead reporting from reply campaigns and Landing Page submissions.
– Data Feed API to automagically stream disposition data back to a customer reporting system. Optimised to use zip compression.
– Cross Campaign Report added, generates a report of all campaigns over a time period.

SMS Providers
– Optimised sending rates to ~500 messages per second, with instantaneous processing of replies. Ensures customers are called within seconds of responding.
– Clear A/B reporting on Delivery Rate, Responses, Leads, Optouts and Clicks. Very handy for testing different SMS providers against each other.

Landing Pages
– Integration into Email
– Various API updates to ensure data from pages can be routed to APIs.
– Ability to copy pages and archive pages

Contact Import API
– Ability to remove contacts from a list
– Add contacts to DMA

– Developed and implemented a machine-learning intrusion detection system
– Added Audit Log to user profile section
– Various bug fixes and optimisations
– All infrastructure run on private network, behind CloudFlare.

2022 Leadify SMS Marketing Features:

SMS Inbox:
– Allow multiple tickboxes to expedite leads/optout/etc
– Added Ignore status to ignore a response for cleaning up the UI
– Ability to add custom Lead Keywords / Optout Keywords
– Updated width of text message box so as to not break table on long messages
– New REPLY option to send a SMS reply to an SMS response directly from the inbox
– Download report includes full detail of response, campaign, list

Pages: (https://app.leadify.biz/pages).
– Drag-and-drop builder
– API Section to send leads from form submits
– Multi-page setup for cross-selling
– Lead reporting in the campaign when submitting a pages form.
– Custom branded link for link click tracking – both Pages and ClickTrackingURL

Custom Fields:
– Added completely new Custom Fields section under Settings. Can add Account and List scope custom fields.
– Available to import into SMS custom fields and available in SMS
– Available to import into Email custom fields and available in Email

Contact Import API:
– New single and bulk import into a list, plus import into custom fields.

– Added Webhook History page
– Multiple new webhooks and webhook statuses plus custom fields addition

– Automatically adjust important fields to show on mobile or smaller screens or allow full scroll of all fields
– Various bugfixes